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Thursday, 29 June 2017

How To Succesfully Tweak Imei Number On Android Phone

How To Succesfully Tweak Imei Number On Android Phone

If your answer is yes and you use an MTK Android device (Tecno, Infinix, wiko , Gionee...) then today is your lucky day because I will guide you on a trick through which you can get unlimited amount of data by changing your Android imei if you are smart enough.

How? You may ask, By 
tweaking my imei!! 

By tweaking, I mean changing imei number. By changing your imei number you are able to enjoy Unlimited data opportunities.
How to change android imei

Let me explain this process with an example. 

In Nigeria, when you purchase an Infinix Hot Note you are entitled to 2015MB from Mtn, If you don't want to buy the device but you also want to enjoy the 2015mb, all you have to do is change the IMEI Number of your phone to that of an Infinix Hot Noteand then you Send the assigned command and you will get the 2015MB. 

Let me explain how this is possible;

IMEI means International Mobile-Station Equipment Identity. 

Every mobile phone and modem have a unique 15-digit Imei Number, It's just like finger prints of a phone. No two phones have the same Imei Number, but phones of the same brand usually having the same starting sequence.

E.g - All Infinix hot note imei start with 358429063 that is what I call the identification number. So when you change your imei number to something like "3584290630360721" and send the command. When Mtn or any other telecom company which we plan to trick sees the identification number which is "358429063" they assume you use a hot not and you are given your data. 

Now I believe you understand how Imei works, So let's head on to the process of changing your imei number

How To Change Imei Number

To do this we need to install two apps. 

• Imei Analyser Imei analyzer apk

• MTK engineering mode MTK engineering mode and download

First we start with the imei analyser.

The imei is a very delicate number so you can't just randomly generate numbers and tweak 'em you have to first analyse it. 

This is how we do that;

Let me use the infinix hot note example again. 

First we get the identifying number of the phone we want to change to  by clicking *#06# the phone.
       See the picture below....

"358429063" the first nine digits of an imei number are the legit numbers the rest can be tweaked but do not change the first nine digits. 

After getting the first nine, you randomly add any 5 numbers.

So we have 14 digits now. "35842906312345" remaining one more number. 

This last number is called the "check digit" so it cannot be randomly added. 
If you do, you'll end up having a bogus imei number that doesn't work. 

This is where the Imei Analyser comes to play. 

Now open your Imei Analyser and input the 14 numbers we have gotten into the box provided. And click analyse. 

It will analyze it and give you the completeimei number including the check digit. 

After you've gotten the full imei, write it down, close imei Analyser and open MTK engineering mode

After opening MTK engineering Mode

click on MTK Setting

Then, swipe your screen to the left to view more options. 

Then select CDS Information

How to change imei number

Then select radio information.

How to change imei number without rooting

Then select phone 1 if you want to change the imei for SIM1 
or phone 2 for sim 2

press E on your keypad it will drop down some options, for sim 1 select AT+EGMR =1,7,""

For sim 2 AT+EGMR=1,10,"" 

How to change imei on android

Changing android imei

After that put the new imei between the "" like this AT+EGMR=1,7,"358429063123457" 

Then put a space in between AT and + so it appears like this AT +EGMR=1,7,"358429063123457"

then press sendAT command. 

A message should pop up saying "At command is msent". 

After that toggle your phones's airplane mode on then off. 

Your imei should have changed *#06# to check. 

Note :- I strongly advice you copy your phones original imei before changing 

Disclaimer : Changing of Imei is illegal in some countries and NAIJAXNET will not be held responsible for any misfortune that may befall anyone who decides to change his/her imei

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