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Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Meet The New Xbox One (Microsoft's Next Generation Console)

New Xbox One - Microsoft's Next Generation Console

Hello guys, finally after keeping us on the edge of our seats with the talk of project Scorpio at its latest E3 event, Micro soft has introduce the next version of its line of gaming consoles ahead of E3 2017. The Xbox One X which is set to be released on the 7TH of November, and i learnt it will be worth $499 which is N157,060.25K in our currency. We might have been familiar with a number of consoles features, including backward compability, and processing power, but with this new Microsoft improvement they have made their console the most powerful as of date. That is why i consider it as the Next Generation Console.

Although the Xbox One is the most powerful Xbox as of yet, it is also the smallest as for now. The console is also capable of 4K gaming. There are much to learn about this console, like.. It has HDR video quality, and Premium Dolby Atmos, meaning that the console is much more than just a gaming console. It is a full living room entertainment experience.
'It's smoking' said Jim McGregor, principal analyt at Tirias Research.
The console is present with 12GB of RAM, and a very positive 326GB/S of memory bandwidth. The console is extremely powerful, as advertised relly. There will also be presence of a liquid chamber you usally find on servers, in order to col down the powerful entrails of the console.

Microsoft has also stated that the Xbox will be capable of incredible stufs like 'supersampling' meaning that you would not literily have to have a 4K TV in order to enjoy the new video quality, as this is also achivable to a certain extent on a 1080p set, as well. The company also provided interesting news for its users who have previously owned an Xbox One, and still have the game at their disposal. The old games will be compatible with the lastest Xbox One X. Also new titles will be compatible with the versions that came before, so you won't get the full experience.

This will surely be the best game console in our time. Let wait and see the release of the game. Comment below and let see what you think about this game.

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